Feb 7, 2014

Busy, busy, busy

Wow, I'm terrible at taking care of a blog when I lose my coauthors. I'm not very self motivated. However, I've been getting a lot of comments about two parts of the blog. The first part being Types of Lesbians, where people seem to think I either need to add more types, or I have too many types. The second part being the one about bisexuals, where most of the commenters are quite offended.

Well, I've read your comments. I get every one of them in my email and I read them all. So I've decided to find the energy somewhere in my busy days of working and being a mom to a rowdy little 18-month-old boy to fix the blog. Finding things to write about is going to be the hardest part, so if you've got suggestions, comment here with your ideas for posts and we'll see where we can go with this. Without your help, there is no blog.

So bring it. Help me out here. I'm listening.

Jan 12, 2013

Lessons Learned: 2012 Edition

Alright ladies, it's the new year and everyone's looking back on 2012 and trying to figure out what they did wrong so that they can avoid doing it all over again in 2013. Most of us will fail in that endeavor, but hey, who's counting. As for Amy and I, we've come up with our own lessons learned and compiled them here just for you.

Here's some of my Lessons Learned for 2012:
  1. The Beatles were wrong; love is not all you need. Real relationships are hard as hell. They don't just happen and they don't just work. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to grow a healthy relationship, but the right one is entirely worth it.
  2. Gaydar is not an exact science. There are going to be times when you're sure a girl is gay only to find out, after your best efforts to hit on her, that she is straight. It's going to be awkward and embarrassing, but you'll live. I promise.
  3. Being a parent is HARD. I won't even get into that one here (check my parenting blog for more on this one), but I will say that I have a very different view on screaming kids in grocery stores, restaurants, etc.
  4. Never live with your best friend. Amy and I learned this one together. Living together will alter your friendship in one way or another, and generally not for the better.
  5. Love the things you love. And don't be ashamed of them. People on the outside are going to judge you no matter what. As long as you've got people on the inside who love and support you, the rest can be forgotten.
  6. Put the effort into a friendship that you expect to get out of it. Otherwise that friendship will die and you'll end up like me, with only a few people to call your friends. I've never been very good at caring for friendships in a way that allows them to grow strong and reliable, but I do have a few people who have stuck with me in spite of that. They are some of the most important people in my life and that has made me realize that I should really spend more time taking care of the budding relationships between me and potential friends. I'm a social butterfly(or something) and I need plenty of friends of all different shapes and sizes that appreciate me for me.
I know it's only a list of six(and even that many was hard to come up with), but I think that about covers it on my end. I am excited for 2013 and all the new things it has in store for me. Watching my son learn to crawl, walk, and talk, my son's first birthday, our 2nd PRIDE together as a family, and hopefully(cross your fingers) a place of our own before 2014. 

Here's some of Amy's Lessons Learned for 2012:

  1. All women are crazy to SOME extent. It's filtering the ones out that are less crazy that's important. Don't try to fool yourself ladies, you know it's true.
  2. All lesbians somehow know each other.  Remember that time you messed up and hated yourself for WEEKS because of it? Yeah, that shit's about to hit the fan and you're going to need to do A LOT of recuperating.  You're going to be stuck in that web of shame like a helpless fly for a minute.
  3. Your reputation WILL follow you (refer to #2). So basically... don't be an ass-hat.
  4. NEVER DATE THE SAME PERSON TWICE! I'm sure a lot will disagree with me on this one. However in my own personal experience.... It's never proven to be a good thing. So. Much. Wasted. Time.
  5. Dating is NOT a priority. It will happen when it's supposed to happen and when it fits into your life. Do not blow off other things that are important to you because you want a girlfriend. 
  6. If you don't like something, CHANGE IT! I must admit, in the past I was the worst at this. Always something to complain about but never an attempt to change it.  Well, what the hell is that going to do?! 2012 was a life changing year for me, and I'm very proud of the the new Amy! (=
  7. Be honest about what you want and think. Being misleading looks way worse than being upfront does. And trust me, it doesn't feel good to realize you've been lied to the entire time. Lets just say because of this, I've officially mastered the art of honesty.  Sometimes to my very own demise.
  8. Life is full of surprises. Granted life may throw you a few curve balls, I find it's best to just go with it.  Pessimism will kill you, and no matter what happens you make life what it is.  I've had some really hard times and good times, but I've finally realized how to be thankful for all experiences.
  9. Surround yourself with good people. When those tough times come up, it's a life saver to have these people.  I'm truly thankful to those that have stuck by my side. <3
  10. Live life to the fullest! Don't waste a minute! Always be doing something and have fun! I've had some pretty awesome experiences in 2012 and it's a year I will NEVER forget!
Seems to me that I've got you beat Andrea ;) I'm not sure if that's a good thing though...? Either way, I'm really excited for 2013. I think this is going to be my year!

Jan 5, 2013

Holy Hiatus, Batman!


We've been MIA for almost exactly one entire year.

I'm sorry, but I have a good reason.
Want to know what it is?

His name is Alexander Grey and he was born on August 2nd, 2012.
Woah, right?

His existence is a bit of a long story, so if you want to know more just check out my parenting blog in the Links page, which will guide you through my journey as a non-biological parent.
For now I hope you can all understand that the time I have to write posts is delegated by this little guy.
If he doesn't want me to type a post, then a post likely won't happen.

Other than that,
I'm back to living in Las Vegas, NV and working at Target with plans to go back to school next year.
Why am I waiting until next year for school?
I have to live in Nevada for a year before they'll let me get resident tuition and my broke ass can't afford no out-of-state tuition.


My reason for disappearing is not NEARLY as adorable as Andrea's
but let's just say my life has been a bit hectic...

As you are aware, I'm currently in nursing school in Salt Lake City, UT.
I have officially started my last semester and I am already feeling overwhelmed.

I've been so busy guys, please excuse my absence.
It's been way harder than I expected to put normal things in life on the side burner.
But between juggling things for classes, labs, clinicals, work, friends, and family it has made life interesting to say the least.
If only you knew the things I've been doing...
Gross, but awesome at the same time!

I'd like to say that life is going to calm down once I graduate...
(But lets be real, when does that EVER happen?)
To be honest, I'm not even sure how to live a normal life without school!?
What will THAT feel like?


If you're curious about any of the details in our lives, you can check out the "About The Authors" page as soon as we get it up.

As for the blog, we are going to revamp things and get this started back up, so hopefully we can both stick to it and get something done around here.

Here's a few of the things we have plans for:
  • [Done] Adjust the blog's look. Possibly change colors and/or layout, etc.
  • [Done] Add a section for my experiences as a parent.
  • [Done] Finish and publish a "2012 Lessons Learned" post.
  • [In Progress] Add an "About The Authors" page for more information about Amy and myself.

Of course we are always open to input from our readers!
Drop us an email: andwadinlove@gmail.com
If this blog ran on nothing but Amy and I's ideas, it would die...
So send us yours, too!
And remember, we love attached pictures.

Jan 16, 2012

2011 Dyke Lessons Learned

I have been so lazy... I haven't blogged in so long!
I could list off a bunch of excuses, but none of them would mean much to you anyway.
Basically, I don't really have a good excuse.


It's super cold here in Salt Lake today.
There's even a little bit of snow sticking to the ground.
All I want to do today is snuggle up in my Snuggie™ and watch the The L Word while sipping coffee and/or tea.
I don't think The Gays would allow it, though...

Somehow I just don't think that they are capable of appreciating something so lesbian and cliche.

Maybe they'll accept watching Queer as Folk, since I've only ever watched the first three episodes of Season One.
I could be okay with that.
Hooray compromise!

So January 9th was my first day back to school since I dropped out of high school and got my GED in 2007.
I'm going to a community college with a Political Science major,
though I predict that will change to English with a Journalism emphasis.

Let me tell you how my first day went:

*see many girls*
'Straight, straight, straight... Possibly bi curious... Straight...'
*see soft butch with Superman shirt*
*move on*
'Straight, straight, feminist, straight, probably straight but I don't even care...'

I like to get an idea of the gay-to-straight ratio in my surroundings.
It's a handy bit of information to have.

But holy crap, guise!
There are some really adorable little women on campus!
Further investigation into the lesbian ratio of my school will commence tomorrow.

In other manners, I was reading Effing Dykes and she posted a list of her friends' "2011 Dyke Lessons Learned"
It got me thinking about some of the lesbian mistakes I made in 2011.
After much consideration, and without going into some sappy break up story, I thought of only one:

Only go to 18+ or 21+ raves.
Never 16+ raves.

I don't feel like I should need to explain that much further...

After asking Amy for her input, I got this:

Amy: "I'd say the biggest thing I made a mistake with was investing everything I had into someone who clearly didn't love me the way I loved her. Essentially, if you have to question someone's love for you, chances are it's not there. Second biggest is to not change who you are or what you do for someone. Compromise is essential for a relationship. Also, after 4 years if you still feel insecure in a relationship get the fuck out."
Me: "Not bad. Learn any lessons with bisexuals?"
Amy: "If you want to write a book, ask me about that."

So what about you ladies?
Learn any lesbian lessons in 2011?

Nov 21, 2011



You know...
I've had some roommates in my day.
I've had ones that I dealt with, ones that I could stand, and ones that I loathed entirely.
Never have I had roommates that I adored the way I adore my roommates now.

Case In Point:
The other day Amy and I were sitting in her bedroom on the computer while the other roommates were in the living room when - very randomly - this conversation happens:

Roommates: "ANDREA!!"
Me: "WHAT?!"
Roommates: "Come here, we need your expert advice."
Me: "About what?"
Roommates: "Douches."
Me: "What about them?"
Roommates: "What is it?"
Me: "It's a bag of water that you squirt in your butthole or your vagina to clean it."
Roommates: "How does it work?"
Me: "You put the tip of it in your vagina or your butthole and you squeeze it, forcing the water into you."
Amy: "Unless you're a nasty bitch you shouldn't need to use one anyway."
Roommates: "Well if you don't have one then how do you clean your vagina? When you're in the shower do you just stick your fingers in there, or what?"
Me & Amy: "NO."
Amy: "Really, you shouldn't use douches anyway because they mess with the pH levels. Your body naturally keeps itself pretty clean. You shouldn't be fucking someone if they need to use a douche."
Roommates: "Can you use it as a sex toy?"
Me: "Depends on your fetish."
Roommates: "Oh."
Me: "Are we done now?"
Roommates: "Yeah, we're good."

I love my life!!
If this isn't the most ideal environment for me as the author of this blog, then I don't know what the hell is. I get stuff to write about almost every day!
Now I just need to stop being so damn lazy and actually post...
it's amy's fault blame her

Nov 9, 2011


My little homoettes!
I have been gone for so long!
I have missed you so!


I've published an old draft post that's been sitting in the backroom of my blog for quite some time now in hopes that it will hold you over until the next time I can post. I love you guys! Please excuse my absence. A lot of crazy shit has been going down and I'm currently in the process of an entire life upheaval. Want an update? Of course you do.

1. I'm single now. ;) Hey, ladies.
2. I'm moving a good 6-hours away from where I was living.
3. I'm currently staying with my parents for a couple more days.
Okay, so maybe that isn't that much crazy stuff, but those few things have got a lot of crazy in them. So please, if you could, forgive me for being gone so long?


So, I'm going to be living with my wonderful les-b-friend up in Salt Lake City, UT and her hetero-male roommate. From what I've been told, they have a constant competition going called "Man Points" where you get points for doing manly things. There's a score-board and everything. I am hoping that, once I've settled in, I will have plenty of material for the blog. I mean, come on. I'm single, I'm about to move in with a lesbian and a straight man, and I'm going to be meeting lots of new people and exploring lots of new places - coffee shops, dog parks - and, assuming that all goes according to plan, I will be going to school. Hello college campus ladies. ^.^

I don't really have much for you today, unfortunately.
However, if you ever need to crush a lesbian:
Show her Humane Society commercials.
That shit is lesbian kryptonite!

Pop Quiz!

Alright, ladies; no cheating!
Here goes:

Which picture is of a lesbian?




Trick question!

Both pictures are of the same woman.
[and i have no way of knowing if she is a lesbian or not]

Story Time:
So today I (finally!) went to get my hair cut. While I was waiting I picked up one of those hair books that is the only provided reading and was looking through the pictures when I realized something; all the short haircuts on display "this season" are totally lesbian haircuts. Apparently the lesbian "look" is in style and I can't help but worry if this is going to make our fellow lady-homos harder to spot than they already are.

I swear, we all need to just choose a bandana color and always have that color bandana on our person when we go out. Better yet, make it a rainbow bandana.